Scottish Credit Unions

The first enduring credit unions in Scotland were founded in Drumchapel and Bellshill in the 1960s, thanks to the vision of pioneers of the Scottish movement – Bert Mullen and Bill Murphy.

Scotland now has more than 100 credit unions, serving over 375,000 people – including 50,000 junior savers. Around 7% of Scotland’s population is served by a credit union, with roughly a quarter of Glasgow’s residents saving with one.

To put that into context, Scotland is ranked fourth in Europe in terms of market penetration, after the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Poland.

Scottish credit unions are split into the two main trade associations – the Scottish League of Credit Unions (SLCU) and the Association of British Credit Unions (ABCUL).

ABCUL has members throughout the UK, with around 60 in Scotland, while SLCU – based exclusively in Scotland – has around 30 members. There are also over 15 unions independent of any association.

Over the years, we have collected various video content covering the history of Scottish Credit Unions.

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