New Easterhouse Credit Union

Established in January 1991 Companies House Number 60CUS

North Easterhouse Credit Union Limited started by a number of people who got together to investigate and determine if a credit union was feasible. After consultations and training they went ahead and began to recruit more members.

Those original founder members struggled against a backdrop of social deprivation and unemployment to build a solid foundation that would last. What they had created has stood the test of time and a debt of gratitude is owed to those founder members for the benefits enjoyed today.

From humble beginnings the credit union had grown to and given over all the years of service to the local community. The increase in membership and expansion to anyone residing in or employed in the Easterhouse area required the current name change in November 2004.

Future Savers was launched by Glasgow City Council at Lochend Community High School, whose pupils will be able to save with New Easterhouse Credit Union.

The Credit Union with help, acquired and refurbished a shop front premise in the shopping centre and this has proved a benefit to the members.

Want to find out more?

Get in touch with their team: Easter House Credit Union Contact HERE

Telephone – 0141 771 0004

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