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The Twelfth Interview:- International credit union projects are not always what I expected and perhaps they are occasionally fruitful in ways I did not foresee. The benefits are occasionally inspiring and profound. The drawbacks can often be that the ideas and observations are not always transferable and the logistics can sometime be daunting. However, these guests, on this podcast, unanimously say there is a rich seam of knowledge and wisdom waiting to be found, in these international projects, if we are minded to look.

The Eleventh Interview:- A brief round-up on CFCFE, ABCUL and World Council of Credit Unions conferences.

The Tenth Interview:- Credit Union Conference: Planning for the New Normal 10.00am-3.30pm, Tuesday 22 September 2020, Clayton Liffey Valley Hotel and live online. Who should attend? Credit union leaders, policy-makers and stakeholders in Great Britain and Ireland

The morning session will help credit unions look ahead, by providing insights into the consumer and economic landscape and talking to CEOs about their assessment of the future. In the afternoon, we will focus on practical ideas for safely sustaining lending to members and managing the operation.
The afternoon session ask the question how are credit union loan books actually performing? How can we help members who are not currently meeting our credit requirements qualify for loans they can afford?  The practical steps to make this product work for members who value its convenience — and credit unions who value its cost-efficiency . Lending post-COVID-19: will be a panel session.

The presentations and other materials can be viewed at

The Ninth Interview this edition asks how prepared are our credit unions for the possible employment issues that the pandemic has forced onto their businesses? Some of the changes may be positive and some may be relatively painless. However, changing a workforce to suit the new circumstances, or restructuring as it is called, is always a challenge and there are clearly good ways to do it and pitfalls to avoid. 

The Eighth Interview This edition is about member recruitment via payroll deduction. How British and Irish credit unions, and others, have managed their journey into member recruitment via the route of employer participation. I have some excellent guests on the podcast and my gratitude goes out to them for giving up their valuable time freely in the middle of this pandemic. 

Billy Doyle CEO Dundalk CU in Ireland, Luke Mellard, Business Development Manager at the company Salary Finance, Carol McHarg CEO 1st Alliance CU in Ayrshire Scotland, Ann Hickey CEO East Sussex CU in England, Roger Shelton Business Development Manager in Sheffield, England. 

The Seventh Interview This podcast, and the CFCFE paper, does not provide a  comprehensive or detailed documentation of Ireland’s credit unions, but merely a snapshot. The credit union movement can be proud of the demonstration of its values described here. Thanks to Nick Money (Director CFCFE), David McAuley (CEO Donore Credit Union, Dublin) and Michael Byrne (CEO Core Credit Union, Dublin) for their enthusiastic contribution to this podcast.
June 2020

The Sixth Interview The COVID-19 health crisis, with its associated social lock down and economic shocks, has presented operational and commercial challenges to credit unions that go way beyond previous experience. Credit union members are having to cope with social distancing and sometimes isolation, as well as potentially reduced income or unemployment. In this podcast we hear some of the testimony of those credit unions and the challenges  met by British credit unions ‘People Helping People’.

The Fifth Interview with Matt Bland the new CEO of The Co-op Credit Union based in Manchester UK, “Credit unions are all about solidarity with our colleagues and neighbours in financial matters. This interview gives a good insight into the practical world of ‘new’ credit unions, Fin Tech, regulation and access to new members featured here.

This Fourth interview took place immediately after Manchester CFCFE Conference in Manchester. At that conference Todd had outlined his extensive experience of IT solutions in the credit union sector in the USA, and his recent engagement with Irish credit unions. 

The Third Interview with Robert Kelly CEO, of the trade association ABCUL (Association of British Credit Unions Ltd), talks about is first months in the role and the forthcoming national conference in Manchester (March 2020).

The Second Interview at the CFCFE’s conference in Manchester (17th January) and Drew Povey spoke about leadership in a time of change, and how to show courage; Rob McIntosh explained his vision of digital community, how it can be realised and how it is relevant – critical – to credit unions; Marloes Nicholls summarised the risks and significant opportunities for credit unions from the effective use of open banking; Todd Proulx considered why, when and how to change core IT systems

The First Interview with Abbie Shelton about a Oral History project about the Uk Credit Union movement. Starting with a possible pilot in the north of the country leading to a national roll-out if the project receives the funding.

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