International Credit Unions

Much like the wider co-operative movement, credit unions have taken off all over the world. Today, there are around 60,000 credit unions worldwide, spanning more than 100 countries.

The United States has by far the highest number of credit union members with over 100 million, largely because of its high population. It’s followed by India, South Korea, the Philippines, Kenya and Mexico – all of which have more than 5 million members.

However, as a proportion of their adult population, Barbados leads the way worldwide with more than 80%, followed by Ireland and Grenada at around three quarters.

In the spirit of the sixth Rochdale Principle, ‘cooperation among cooperatives’, the British Credit Union Historical Society is proud to have links with credit unions across the world.





North America

South America

UK Independent Isles

New Zealand

Thanks to CUNA MUTUAL for making history happen

CUNA Mutual Group is a leading provider of financial services to credit unions, their members and valued customers worldwide.

With more than 75 years of market commitment, CUNA Mutual Group’s vision is unwavering: to be a trusted business partner who delivers service excellence and customer-focused, best-in-class products and market-driven innovation.

Not for profit, not for charity, but for service. A credit union history piece made possible by CUNA Mutual Group. Narrated by Edward Herrmann. Archival footage and sources courtesy of CUNA Mutual Group, CUNA & Affiliates, America’s Credit Union Museum, St. Mary’s Bank, The Rochdale Pioneers Museum, Co-operative College, The Library of Congress, Massachusetts Division of Banks, Credit Union Executives Society, Johnston Birchall, Bernard Howcroft, and Ronald Kumon.

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History from America

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