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The British Credit Union Historical Society was established in 2008 originally in 1993 by Rose Dorman, Paul Jones and Martin Logan at a conference in Leeds. There was little take up from the wider movement. Five years later 3 former officers of the Manchester Chapter of credit unions recognised those steps had to be taken and funded the first stages of re-establishing interest in the history of our movement.  (“the Committee”).
“The First 50 Years” A4 booklet compiled by Martin Logan (CU Historian) for International Credit Union Day 2013 at Sheffield Cathedral to celebrate the first fifty years in 2014 of the movement in Britain.

The Highlights – The First 50 years

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At the ninth edition of the annual Edward Filene and Joe Biden awards November 2019 in Manchester, the Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to the British Credit Union Historical Society, and its three founders – James Clancy, Frank Duffy, and Martin Logan.

The award was presented to the Historical Society for having given unstinting and entirely voluntary efforts, to the credit unions sector.

The Society has gathered information and records from UK credit unions, credit union trade associations and individuals going all the way back to 1964. These records include documents, photographs, oral histories, video recordings and newspaper clippings. The archives are an important historical resource for credit unions, researchers and members of the community.

Speaking on behalf of the British Credit Union Historical Society, Martin Logan said: “It is a great honour to accept such an award and to have your efforts over many years recognised by one’s fellow peers.

“It makes what we do at the Historical Society all worthwhile. The Society helps to provide the credit union movement with a past and an identity that everyone can be proud of.”

You can read a full round-up of the awards ceremony on the Cooperative News website here.

The work of the British Credit Union Historical Society has been honoured at an online signing ceremony, Society founders Martin Logan (Credit Union Historian) and James Clancy (Treasurer and Website Co-ordinator) joined Lord Kennedy of Southwark, Chair of the Trustee Board of the Credit Union Foundation, and Credit Union Foundation Secretary Robert Kelly at the online event.

Lord Kennedy and Robert Kelly praised the officers of the Society for their considerable efforts and their many achievements.

The BCUHS has transferred ownership of the considerable collection, and the website it has developed, so that it can be combined with the work of the National Lottery Heritage Fund supported Save and Sound Project. The transfer will safeguard the Society’s collection, and aid the Credit Union Foundation’s aim of promoting credit union heritage and ensuring the work of credit union pioneers is not forgotten.

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