About Us

The British Credit Union Historical Society (BCUHS) is a group set up to promote the history of credit unions across the UK.

The Society was established in 2008, originally by Rose Dorman, Paul Jones and Martin Logan. Find out more about our story.

Today, the Society provides information on the history of the credit union movement and the organisations involved, to achieve four key goals as expressed in our mantra:

Preserving the past, educating the present, enriching the future, promoting unity.

Preserving the Past

BCUHS provides information on the history of credit unions and the credit union movement more broadly. This includes the formation of the first credit unions, founding of key credit union associations and even the establishment of the co-operative society way back in 1844.

Educating the Present

We firmly believe in making this information accessible to everyone. BCUHS wants to highlight the significance of credit unions throughout history and underline their importance in the modern day to every generation.

Enriching the Future

BCUHS aims to enrich the future of credit unions – not just through awareness and education, but by supporting training and development opportunities for credit unions and their staff across the UK.

Promoting Unity

Above all else, BCUHS wants to promote unity across the Four Nations credit unions – of which there are over 450!

We believe this unity and co-operation is central to the growth and success of the credit union movement.

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