The Credit Union Movement

Find out more about the credit union movement, its pioneers and the important groups within the movement and those past Credit Unions HERE.

Trade associations & Groups

The credit union movement has a range of associations and groups operating both locally and nationally. They promote co-operation and collaboration among credit unions, providing valuable resources including information, education and services to their members.

National Credit Liaison Group The National Liaison Group, consisting of all of the UK credit union trade associations has been meeting in 2020 on a regular basis in attempt to formulate a consensus view on any particular topic with the effect that the opinion can then be advocated as the collective wisdom of all of the trade bodies. Current members of the NLG are: ACE Credit Union Services, The Association of British Credit Unions, The Irish League of Credit Unions, The National Credit Union Forum, The Scottish League of Credit Union, UK Credit Unions and The Ulster Federation of Credit Unions. An example of how the trade bodies are working more collaboratively together was a joint letter to HM Treasury regarding the impact of Covid-19 on UK credit unions in which the NLG asked for: a financial support package to cope with the expected increase in loan payment holiday requests and loan repayment defaults. A relaxation of the current rules around provisioning. Ability to break term deposit schedules with deposit providers without loss of income and for domestic rates relief be applied to all UK credit unions The NLG received a formal response from HM Treasury in June of that year.

World Pioneers

The credit union movement wasn’t started overnight. It’s the product of hard work from pioneers in Britain and across the world. We’ve compiled a list of the most notable figures in the development of credit unions – both UK and abroad – and highlighted the role they played.


The British Credit Union Historical Society provides a wide range of resources for credit unions and those looking to promote the movement – such as schools, colleges and employers. Follow the link below to see our collection of videos and Power Point presentations for all ages.

Roll of Honour

Over the years, the credit union movement has benefited from countless people’s hard work and endeavour. Our roll of honour celebrates the lives of those no longer with us, and the work they contributed to the movement.

Chapters and Forums

Edward Filene and Joe Biden awards

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