Asian Credit Unions

(NEFSCUN), is the member based national apex organization of Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies (SACCOS) and their District Unions (DUs) is committed to the development, promotion and strengthening of its member organizations through supporting SACCOS and CUs in their aim to contribute for the upliftment of financial, social cultural aspiration of individual members of respective community. NEFSCUN follows the credit union principles propounded by World Council of Credit Union (WOCCU) in 1994.

On their visit to Manchester organised with the Co-operative College in August 2017 the society gave a presentation led by Martin Logan Voyager Alliance Credit Union giving a history of the movement in Britain and followed by Jim Clancy Metro Moneywise Credit Union exploring the society web site. 

Nepal Visit January 2018

The start of 2018 on January the 23rd the Historical Society gave a presentation to delegates from the co-operative movement of Nepal. This was at the invitation of the Co-op college in Manchester. Martin Logan Voyager Alliance Credit Union, followed by Jim Clancy Metro Moneywise Credit Union gave a talk on the British credit union movement. This also included a journey around the Historical societies’ website encouraging delegates to explore the website for their own credit unions. Whilst there was a bigger language barrier with this group Steve from the Co-op College said “We believe we have delivered a good study visit for them so they are going home with new ideas and an awareness of how the UK movement operates”.

During the last session with the college, the group leader read out a pre-prepared statement that thanked everyone involved in helping them during their stay and highlighting how important this visit has been to help them continue vital work back home, during his speech he made reference to credit unions a number of times so that gives a good indication all was delivered what they wanted. In the photo on the far left is Steve Kingman Business Support Manager from the Co-op College. Steve welcomed them to Manchester and arranged the program for the stay in Manchester. The next stop was to Scotland before heading back home.

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