Dumbarton Community Credit Union

Established in 1990 Companies House Number 47CUS

In the early autumn of 1985, a meeting to discuss the possibility of forming a Credit Union to serve the people living in the West End was held.  Despite an initial show of interest, the project had fizzled out by the summer of 1986. 

The outcome of a December 1988 meeting was the formation of a Steering Committee or Study Group to further the object of setting up a local Credit Union. Throughout 1989 the learning process continued. Regular visits were made to establish credit unions in the area. On the 24th of May 1990, Dumbarton Credit Union was given the Register number 47 C by the Registrar.

In 2014 From its humble beginnings in 1990 when it had just 27 members, the organisation has now blossomed to a point where it boasts more than 3000 active adult members and 1100 juniors.

So successful has it become the DCU is expanding, with new financial products, and hopefully another member of staff being recruited and the looking for larger premises.

The credit union is with partners looking to set up a new ‘CredEcard’ which is a front-loaded card that can pay bills or rent and act like a debit card at ATMs.

There were celebrations in 2015 for the 25th anniversary of the Dumbarton Community Credit Union Checkout the full history News and clips HERE

Dumbarton Credit Union is 30 years in operation During Covid 19 in 2020. All involved with the creation and development of the Credit Union should be incredibly proud of what they have achieved for their members. As a combination of membership growth and changes in government legislation led to an expansion of its operations, Dumbarton Credit Union has now become unrecognisable to its founder members of 1990. 

Want to find out more?

Visit the Dumbarton Credit Union website, or get in touch with their team:

Telephone – 01389 768585

Email – enquiries@dumbartoncreditunion.org

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