North Coatbridge Credit Union

Established in 1994 Companies House Number 108CUS

North Coatbridge first registered for business on April 1994 with 20 members the management structure has not changed much since first registering.

The management have always strived to be a self sustainable Credit Union and not relying on government funding. They were operating out of Alexander Resource Centre supplied by the social services up until the resource centre was due for closure in 2003.

They purchased the first premises in 2003 with part funding from the European grant, due to the success they quickly grew out of their premises at 8 Sunnyside Road and were looking for bigger premises, which were found two doors down at 5 Sunnyside Road.

They received part funding from North Lanarkshire Credit Union Regeneration Fund and purchased  new premises; at present they have two full time employees and two part time employees.

They then purchased their own premises due to the thrift and diligence of the management structure created all those many years ago at Alexander Resource. T

he credit union would not be a success without the members. Therefore, the more members North Coatbridge Credit Union has the more successful the credit union will become.

The management take great pride in what North Coatbridge Credit Union has achieved and are now striving towards making the Credit Union accessible by using the web site so members can conduct their business with the credit union from the comfort of there own home.

The membership at the moment stands at over 2000 members with new members joining every day and taking advantage of a well run Credit Union.

Want to find out more?

Visit the North Coatbridge Credit Union website, or get in touch with their team:

Telephone – 01236604500

Email –

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