Taxi Trade Credit Union

Established in 1980 Companies House Number 9CUS

Started out as Glasgow Licensed Taxi Trade Credit Union Limited in April 1980 when 16 taxi drivers got together to discuss the setting up of a credit union.

After some training and Information from other credit unions and with a £1 deposit from each the birth of something big had begun. 

January 2008 was when the name changed to Taxi Trade Credit Union Ltd. Based in Wallace St Glasgow and over the many years the credit union has served the members with loans of over £17,500,000.

They have their own purpose building, employing a number of staffs who were appointed by the volunteer board to deliver services to the members. The credit union has over 1.5Million of members savings and these continue to grow.

The success of the credit union is down to the good governance of the volunteer directors and dedication of staff. There are collection points all over the city of Glasgow for the benefit of ease to members.

The future of the credit union has been established, after a member’s survey benefitting the board to set a strategic plan that is in the best interest of the members.

The clear feedback has been the demand for offering into the 21st century a comprehensive range of financial products like ISA’s, some insurance and better use of new technology for improved communication.

Want to find out more?

Visit the Taxi Trade Credit Union website, or get in touch with their team:

Telephone – 01414295394

Email –

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