Glasgow South Credit Union

Established in 2002 Companies House Number 46CUS

Was planned in 1999 and the founders received training support and advice from other credit unions in Glasgow, but records show as registering in 2002 with the new Financial Services Authority.

The common bond is for people who live or work in the Gorbals or Toryglen Communities and offer a service for local people to save and borrow at an affordable rate.

The operations and management of the credit union is carried out by volunteers and the Board of Directors who are dedicated and professional.

The Common Bond in time was also extended to serve the wider community and it was not until 2009 when the credit union with the aid of the New Gorbals Housing Association was granted a new base for the credit union.

The Credit Union has a substantial number of junior saver account where children can start saving until 18 and can then transfer to an adult account helping them with finances as they go through life.

As a member of the Scottish League of Credit Unions they are supported with group training sessions, advice on legislative, regulatory and compliance.

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Telephone – 0141 429 4008

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