Ayrshire Credit Union

Established in 1994 Companies House Number 90CUS

Started trading in 1994 with a small group of volunteers as a savings group and is recorded as registering in June 1998 as Kilmarnock Co-operative Credit Union.

At First only opening for 2 hours per week from then they continued. to provide the services of Savings and Loans to members. The operations and management of the credit union was carried out by volunteers from the Board of Directors.

It was in February 2007 that they were registered as Ayrshire credit union as the Common Bond was extended wider afield, to areas which were not already being served by any other credit union.

In 2012 they extended the common bond to serve anyone who lives or works in Ayrshire and changed the name to Ayrshire Credit Union to reflect the community which they serve now opening 5 days per week.

Still primarily run by volunteers including the volunteer Board of Directors. There is currently excellent town centre premises in Kilmarnock.

With the introduction of IT and the internet the credit union is allowing the members to complete certain processes online

Want to find out more?

Visit the Ayrshireshire Credit Union website, or get in touch with their team:

Telephone – 01563 555 858

Email – admin@ayrshirecreditunion.co.uk

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