Newarthill Credit Union

Established in 1980 Companies House Number 2CUS

Robert Wilson founder of Newarthill Credit Union was born in Carfin, the son of a miner. He saw poverty at an early age during the miner’s strike in the 1920’s. He was a steelworker until he was called to go to war. He later became a taxi owner and, on his travels, heard of the difficulties experienced by women with young families. He learned that they had to borrow money from high interest financial institutions to cloth their children for school.

In 1977 with family and friends he started a Credit Union and began collecting money in his “wee” back kitchen.

Robert and Mary Wilson

When paying their credit union everyone was made welcome with friendly chat. Due to the rapid growth in membership, it became necessary to move to bigger premises in St Theresa’s Hall. However, rumour had it that you had to be Catholic to become a member, so it was decided to move to the Community Centre.

After a number of years, due to growth in membership, bigger premises were required. The president Willie Hattie saw a cheap property for sale but the Board of Directors thought he had lost his marbles when they viewed the property. However, after some persuasion they decided to go ahead and buy it. During the renovation the Board learned that the adjacent property was also for sale. The President and Board bargained with the owner and purchased this property also, thus becoming one of the first Credit Unions in Scotland to own their own premises.

As the Credit Union continued to grow the Board decided to demolish the property and erect a purpose built Credit Union office on the site. This property was built without granting or funding from outside resources. This was a great achievement for all members as their premises had been bought and paid for.

 Willie Hattie and board members

The building was officially opened on the 14th January 2005 by Mrs Mary Wilson, wife of the late Robert Wilson.

We are sure Robert Wilson would be really proud to see the extent to which Newarthill Credit Union has grown.

President Robert Lees

We have entered into the world of technology where our mainly unskilled workforce battle the elements to learn, teach and embrace the changes, to provide a continued and modern service for our members.
Since opening we have joined over 10,000 senior members and over 3000 junior members. Our common bond has been extended to living and working within the North Lanarkshire area. We have assets of over £11.5 million.  We have recently secured planning permission to extend our premises.
We employ 4 members of staff and have a very strong volunteer support of over 30 officers  – 9 of whom  are Directors.  Their continued support and dedication enhance the benefits to Newarthill Credit Union members.
We appreciate, celebrate and remember all the work contributed over the years by volunteers and staff, past and present, both small contributions and large have all assisted in being the successful credit union we are today.

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