Stranraer Credit Union

Established in 1999 Companies House Number 138CUS

A few local neighbours formed Stranraer Credit Union originally as a Savings Club in the early 1990’s later becoming a credit unionbased on mutual principles. The operations and management of the credit union was carried out by volunteers and the Board of Directors, and collections were made in the Dickshill area of Stranraer in the resource centre there.  

The Common Bond in time was also extended to serve the wider community and registered as Stranraer Credit Union in 1999

They originally met in a one-room office in a car park but now rents office space near Stranraer town centre, which provides a more professional business environment.  

Its common bond was initially for those who lived in the Stranraer and Rhins areas, but in 2012 the common bond area was extended to include the Machars area of Wigtownshire.

A Board of Volunteer Directors administers Stranraer Credit Union and the office is now open 5 days per week (Tuesday-Saturday) run entirely by volunteers and are  hoping to bring the services that they currently offer to members onto the internet.

As members of the Scottish league of Credit Unions they take part in some of the national events run by the league.

Stranraer credit union Money Education Centre is a new website platform for teachers, parents and children to use offering a range of information regarding money management.

Want to find out more?

Visit the Stranraer Credit Union website, or get in touch with their team:

Telephone – 01776 706911

Email –

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