Value Credit Union

Established in 1988 Companies House Number 27CUS

Value Credit Union is believed to be the oldest retail employee credit union in the UK

Started and registered as Co-Operative Wholesale Society (Scotland) Credit Union in June 1988 with the office was based with the payroll department of the Co-operative Wholesale Society.

By 1997 membership had reached 1000 continuing with steady growth and by the year 2000 were in the position to purchase their own office in Glasgow City Centre with now 2000 members and began to employ full time staff.

After 15 years of trading in September 2003 there was a name change to The Co-operative group (Scotland) Employee Credit Union with savings reaching 2 million.

The launch of an interactive website came in March 2004 and well received by the membership. In 2006 the name of Value Credit Union was registered with the common bond successfully extended to include the whole of the UK where member ship increased to 4000 by 2012.

A dividend of 2.5% was agreed at the AGM in November 2013 in celebration of 25 years of service to members. In summer 2014 the credit union launched their new and exclusive mobile phone app. Hundreds of members took advantage in downloading the app a positive response that exceeded expectations.

In 2018 the 30th year of trading at the 29th AGM the 0.5% dividend and 5% loan interest rebate was paid for the first time in recognition that members should share in the success of the credit union. 

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