Pollok Credit Union

Established in 1993 Companies House Number 85CUS

A dedicated group of volunteers were trained for over a year in all aspects of Credit Union management and finally in November 1993, Pollok Credit Union was registered. The first collection point was opened at the Pollok Community Centre and the common bond at the time covered all those who lived in the Pollok, Corkerhill and Crookston areas.

In 1999 they expanded the common bond to cover all those who either lived or worked in the Greater Pollok area, this included those who were employed by the 246 firms in the Greater Pollok area. Funding was secured for two members of staff that helped enormously in developing the Credit Union and with the addition of collection points in Darnley, Arden and Kennishead.

In 2002 a new collection point was opened within the Pollok Shopping Centre that had given the Credit Union a higher profile in the area. The common bond was further extended again in 2007 to include everyone who lives or works in the G postcode area. In 2009 they moved into the Silverburn Shopping Centre as a joint venture with Pollok Post Office.

In 2017 there are seven schools in the ‘G’ postcode that became involved in the credit union school Bank Savings Club. “SAVVY Savers” at two Glasgow primary schools have saved more than £45,000 in their accounts.

Cardonald Primary School Bank opened in 2012 and there are currently 110 pupils enrolled as members.  Our Lady of the Rosary launched its School Bank Saving Club in August 2017 and it’s already proving successful, with 100 pupils signed up and £3000 already saved.

The initiative, which is supported by volunteers from the parent council and is run by four primary year seven pupils appointed as bank staff. Pupils that are interested in taking on roles submit job applications and are interviewed to take on the roles of bank manager, assistant bank manager, cashiers and records clerk.

The scheme was set up by PCU to encourage children to become financially aware from a young age. It also teaches them the importance of saving for the future as well as showing them how banking systems operate.

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Visit the Pollok Credit Union website, or get in touch with their team:

Telephone – 0141 881 8731

Email – info@pcu.org.uk

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