Tail O’ the Bank Credit Union

Established in 1985 Companies House Number 18CUS

It was established by local priest Father Jamieson and minister Reverend Iain Fraser to help families who had lost their livelihoods when the shipyards closed.

The Study group began in 1982 took sometime till it became established in 1985 as Greenock East Credit Union initially operated from locations such as community halls and schools on various housing schemes in an area of high unemployment.

In 1999, they moved to premises close to Greenock town centre and becoming one of the first credit unions in Scotland to buy premises outright. With the move came a new name, it became ‘Tail o’ the Bank Credit and is registered as such in 2002.

From then they had gone from strength to strength acquiring around 50 new members a month, amalgamating with another credit union. its common bond expanded to take in the entire local authority area with the Larkfield, Branchton and Braeside Credit Union joining forces.

Tail o’ the Bank Credit Union premises were ideally situated, right next to the bus terminal, so everyone could see the shop front as the first port of call.

The common Bond is for people residing in the boundaries of the South side of the River Clyde. The east side of the Gibbshill feeder Road to Pottery Street and the River Clyde.

The credit union operates a School Saver Club in local primary schools which has proved to be a very successful way of encouraging children to save.

Now in 2016 membership has grown to over 8000 and that includes young members for the future.

The Credit Union continued to provide help to its 8,000 members via telephone and email when coronavirus restrictions were first enforced in March of 2020. After being closed for around three weeks, the Credit Union gradually reopened and was now operating five days a week it was vital that the team was there for its members in difficult times.

 It was important to members to start looking at a lot of things in relation to the way to bring in social distancing. The first reopening had queues all down the street because only two customers were permitted in at the same time.

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Want to find out more?

Visit the Tail O’ the Bank Credit Union Twitter, or get in touch with their team:

Telephone – 01475 734655

Email – totb@live.co.uk

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