Johnstone Credit Union

Established in March 1980 Companies House Number 6CUS

Johnstone Credit Union opened its doors to members for the first time in August 1979. Membership at the time was open to anyone who lived in Johnstone. 

The founders are to be acknowledged as the pillars of the Credit Union movement for their dedication.

After years of delivering the service to the few members in the many locations with perseverance of those founders they in decided in 1984 seek help of the local council and acquire premises to accommodate the credit union.

One of lead founding members Tom Kelly became the first employee of the credit union in 1996 and with his dedication and volunteers help the credit union began to expand and was being recognised as a valued organisation in the community.

The Common Bond was extended wider afield, to areas which were not already being served. Membership grew and by the year 2014 the credit union was in a position to purchase their own premises with nearly 5000 members and assets of over 7million.

 The credit union is very active in the Schools within the Common Bond and have taken part in the Scottish governments schemes to encourage savings amongst young people. Over those years the credit union has received a number of awards for the work done in the community. Check out the History and learn more.

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