First Shipbuilders Credit Union

Established in 1990 Companies House Number 51CUS

It was a small group of interested people who in August 1990 registered what is an Industrial credit union the common bond being for staff who are employed by BAE Systems Marine.

Since then the Credit Union has offered people a friendly way to save and borrow.

 Membership is around 600 and is open to employees with BAE Systems in South Glasgow are eligible to join. Members should be grateful for the vision and dedication of those who have steered the credit union to their present numbers and influence.

As a member of ABCUL they are supported with help to become and remain a compliant and sustainable business and receiving training and update regulatory information.

Any updates on this credit union should be e-mailed to the Historical Society for inclusion and recorded for prosperity

Want to find out more?

Get in touch with their team:

Telephone – 0141 954 1615

Email –

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