Undeb Credyd Y Barcud Coch Cyfyngedig

Started out in July 1995 as Builth and Llanwrtyd Credit Union Limited. One suspects with the widening of a common bond they changed to Undeb Credyd Y Barcud Coch Cyfyngedig in June 2006.

However later that month they began trading according to records as Red Kite credit union until February 2018 to trading as Red Kite Savings and Loans.

The common bond covers the whole of the County of Powys to anyone living or working in Powys is eligible to join.

The credit union offers a savings account for Junior members under the age of 16 from birth.

Opportunities are available at local Schools for staff and parents or guardians to join the credit union as full members and can help supervise the young savers doing collections.

This is Seen by many of the teachers and parents as a good introduction to money management principles. 

The credit union now offers to members two types of prepaid debit card one for Juniors from 8years to 16 years and the other for adults and over 16year olds. 

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Want to find out more?

Visit the Red Kite Credit Union website or get in touch with their team:

Telephone – 01982 551000

Email – info@redkitecreditunion.co.uk

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