Islwyn Community Credit Union

Islwyn Community Credit Union

It was at the start of November 1998 that the Register of Friendly Societies formally registered the North Islwyn Credit Union. Following on from this the first collection point was held in the Wesley Centre on Saturday November 7th. Started by Judith Morgan and Marie Walsh. The formal registration came as a result of, near on, two years of training by the Steering Group.

The support given by The Wesley Centre in Blackwood was vital. Not only did they provide the  first collection point but also an office to operate from. BAGS Credit Union also gave us practical day to day advice. These good working relationships, built up in those early days, still continue today even in our schools.

Early in 2003 the common bond was expanded to include all parts of the Islwyn constituency, with the name changed to Islwyn Community Credit Union Limited (ICCU), and the Risca collection point opened.

In 2018, the credit union celebrated 20 years of growth. They have lent more than £2.8  million through 3,700 loans. The work is made possible by the dedicated staff and volunteers whose support and work enables the credit union to flourish and meet the needs of members.

2020 was when Islwyn Credit Union merged with Smart Money Cymru Credit Union offering  more offices they can use, improved opening hours and a wider range of financial services to members.

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