Celtic Credit Union

Celtic Credit Union registered in 2016, but began as Neath Port Talbot Credit Union as an effective study group that registered with the FCA in March 2004 and opened on April 1st 2005 at Grandfield House, Croft Road, Neath.

Celtic Credit Union

A few years later, thanks to the help and support of Coastal Housing Association, they moved into a brand-new office at Windsor Road, Neath. On the 28th September 2008, they merged with Afan Savers Credit Union and growth since has been spectacular. Since being established in 2005, they have built up a successful and experienced organisation backed by a well-organised administration framework.

September 2015 saw the celebration the 10th Anniversary of Neath Port Talbot Credit Union (NPTCU), the fastest growing credit union in Wales. The birthday celebrations were combined with the official opening of the credit union’s new Business Centre, which now houses key back office staff members, in close proximity to the existing Neath office.

The credit union now has three high street branches; over 20 Community Collection Points and the largest School Savings Scheme in the UK with over 40 schools taking part. NPTCU delivered just fewer than one million transactions totalling over £21million with 1,356 new accounts being opened.

Celtic Credit Union currently has over twenty Payroll Savings Schemes generating over £700,000 in savings per annum. They can also boast the only fully operational Credit Union Mobile Office in the UK. At the 10th Anniversary Celebration NPTCU also announced that with effect from 1st October 2015 staff will receive the National Living Wage, some six months in advance of the Government’s deadline of April 2016. 

In 2016, Neath Port Talbot Credit Union expanded its common bond and changed its name to Celtic Credit Union.

Membership of Celtic Credit Union currently stands at around 10,000. Celtic Credit Union has since achieved its self-sustaining status and grown to a level where it is having a substantial influence in the local community with 4 High Street branches, 1 Business Centre to support the entire credit union operation, 28 payroll deduction schemes, 35 community agencies and 44 school savings schemes.

Celtic Credit Union answers 70,000 telephone calls each year and processes over 1 million transactions with a value of over £40m. Celtic Credit Union has also just opened a new website to improve and expand the credit union’s online facilities.

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Want to find out more?

Visit the Celtic Credit Union website, or get in touch with their team:

Telephone – 0333 006 3002

Email – admin@celticcreditunion.co.uk

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