Portadown Credit Union

Became registered in January 1971 with Company number NO000059 asan Industrial and Provident Society Company

Since 1963 Portadown Credit Union has been proudly serving the Portadown area and the 12 founding members from those humble beginnings paid for the first time 2s/6p. 

The “office” was a room in St Patrick’s hall, operated by volunteers until they acquired refurbished premises in 1970 opening at night only.

The credit union is very active in the Schools within the Common Bond, who participate in many Credit Union events, including the annual Art Competition and CU Schools quiz run by the Irish league of Credit Unions of which they are a member.

Jumping to 2016 the credit union gave a credit of £5.00 to every new minor account opened from 10th May until 21st May with the aim encouraging young children to develop a savings habit in their local Credit Union.

With the introduction of IT and the internet the credit union is allowing the members to complete certain processes online and with the specialist security measures that are provided. Giving the same level of security as if members were standing with a cashier at the counter.

Membership is now over 11000 in 2018.

View a comprehensive History of Portadown Credit Union.

Want to find out more?

Visit the Portadown Credit Union website, or get in touch with their team:


Telephone – 028 3833 5104  

Email – info@portadowncu.com


Telephone – 028 3883 2900

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