Owenkillew Credit Union

Following a study group set-up in the early years this credit union registered with the company number NO000092 in July 1980 and was originally operated by volunteers.

Membership of the credit union is open to anyone who lives in the Owenkillew area.

One of the main aims of the credit union is to encourage members to develop the habit of regular savings.

Since then the Credit Union has offered people a friendly way to save and borrow. They offer a service for local people and over the years have allowed local people to save and borrow at an affordable rate.

The credit union operates School Saver Club in local primary schools and as a member of the Irish league participate in many Credit Union events, including the annual Art Competition and CU Schools quiz.

If you need to borrow to send the children back to school, find out why a credit union loan is the best option for the members,

280 Crockanboy Road Omagh County Tyrone BT79 7QP

Want to find out more?

Visit the Owenkillew Credit Union website, or get in touch with their team:

Telephone – 02881648943

Email – info@owenkillewcreditunion.co.uk

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