Newtownbutler Credit Union

in May 1993 this credit union with the Company NO000148 was incorporated as an Industrial and Provident Society Company  

After six months of studying under the watchful eye of The Irish League of Credit Unions that core group of 22 people number gave birth to Newtownbutler Credit Union.

Membership began slowly and reached around 150 in the beginning with an £11,000 loan book.

Transactions took place in the old community centre between the hours of 7pm and 9.30 pm it was the only opening times in those days.

There was a limit on shareholding of £750 and loans were a maximum of £250 plus savings.

One year later they purchased a corner building at a cost of £23,500 on Main Street and High Street.

The credit union celebrate its 25th anniversary, with shareholding of £2.27 million and a loan book of 1.74 million within a membership of 1,270.

Junior membership stood at 293 with total savings of £215,600. The Credit Union is an active member of the Irish league and participates in events, including the annual Art Competition and CU Schools quiz

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Telephone – 02867737826

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