New Horizons Credit Union

This credit union is part of Resurgam Community Development Trust with the company number NO000192 and was incorporated 15 Oct 2001 as an Industrial and Provident Society Company

Creating an alternative personal financial service in the community and the place of work under the ownership and direction of its members.

The Common Bond is Membership of The Resurgam Community Development Trust for anyone who lives, works or studies within a seven-mile radius of the registered office.

Since then the Credit Union has offered people a friendly way to save and borrow. They offer a service for local people and over the years have allowed local people to save and borrow at an affordable rate.

As affiliated members to the Ulster Federation of Credit Unions they have received advise and training and are networking with other members of the Federation to enhance the service to their credit union members. People Helping People

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Get in touch with their team:

Telephone – 02892661177

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