Limavady Credit Union

Registered in January 1971 as an Industrial and Provident Society Company with the company number NO000042

The principles of CO-OPERATION and SELF HELP, were the motivating factors in the setting up of the Credit Union.

This local credit union over the many years has held in savings and lent out to members within the common bond who need to borrow money at an affordable rate.

This opening coincided with the launching of the new decimal money. The “office” was a room in a hall and was operated by volunteer founders.

The Common Bond in time was also extended to serve the wider community.

The Credit Union saw significant growth over those years, so much so the Directors decided to purchase premises to accommodate the credit union

The credit union have taken part in many community events through those years and local schools.

At St Finlough’s primary school the credit union staff support and assist as part of the ‘financial capabilities’ area of the curriculum encouraging children to save.

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Telephone – 02877764900

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