Beechview Antigonish Credit Union

The credit union was set up on the 19 Jan 1978 following a study group set-up Earlier in the year.

The Credit Union lets people in the community come together to save and borrow money at low rates, and is operated on a not-for-profit basis, with surpluses being returned to members.

The Credit Union acquired and refurbished premises’ which was opened in in time. The Common Bond in time was also extended to serve the wider community

The refurbishment of the credit union premises was completed in November 2015 and the following month the credit union paid a 2.5% on savings.

A savings protection scheme is in place to the benefit of the member up to £12,700.

The Credit Union offers a Junior Saver Account where children can start saving until 18 and can then transfer to an adult account helping them with finances as they go through life.

Want to find out more?

Visit the Beechview Antigonish Credit Union website or get in touch with their team:

Telephone – 028 90438175 

Email –

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