Wiltshire and Swindon Credit Union

South Wiltshire Credit union Ltd was registered in May 2002 Wiltshire Savings and Loans were established in 2005 in Salisbury previously called South Wiltshire Credit Union.

Wiltshire Savings and Loans registered in the August of 2014.

They then came together further in 2016 following the merger of Steam Ahead Credit Union, South Wiltshire Credit Union, North Wiltshire Credit Union and West Wiltshire Credit Union, operating across all of Wiltshire and Swindon.

in 2018 after long talks about the benefits to form what is now called Wiltshire and Swindon Credit Union Limited.

They still provide a range of services including affordable credit, savings, standard loans, budgeting accounts and payroll deduction launched by Wiltshire Council.

Want to find out more?

Visit the Wiltshire & Swindon Credit Union website, or get in touch with their team:

Telephone – 01722421881

Email – office@wascu.co.uk

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