Swan Credit Union

Registered as Milton Keynes Credit Union Ltd in December 2004 serving the population of Milton Keynes merged with Aylesbury Credit Union who were established in January 2000 and trading in march 2013 as Thame community bank,
changing the name to Swan Credit Union to reflect the new geographical area served.

Swan Credit Union

In 2013/14 the two separate CUs helped members by issuing more than 190 new loans to a value of over £190,000. Didcot Community bank came into being in April 2015 and so four community banks: MK Community Bank (Milton Keynes), Aylesbury Vale Community Bank, Thame Community Bank & Didcot Community Bank (both in South Oxfordshire) were now serving their respective communities. The credit union has been there to help their members who may have had to go to expensive high interest lenders. In the second year as Swan 2014 they issued 308 new loans to a total value of £301,000. September 2015, they had around 1,100 members and were looking after members’ savings of £555,000.

Fast forward through the pandemic to 2022 and the credit union seeks merger looking to combine its membership into a larger credit union in order to ensure long-term sustainability.

 Swan Community Bank, with 3,000 members, serves Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire. Its uncertainty over the future of its outsourced IT system meant it had to find another partner to be sure of surviving.

From 1stApril 2023, after a transfer of engagement by Swan and Clivey with Wilshire & Swinton credit union together they will be trading under the name “Acorn Community Bank”.

The new website with latest information is at www.acorncommunitybank.co.uk

Want to find out more?

Visit the Swan Credit Union website, or get in touch with their team:

Telephone – 03030 300147

Email – enquiries@swancommunitybank.org.uk

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