Pitney-Bowes Employees Credit Union

The CULGB directors at the meeting of the 26th April 1970 were informed that Pitney Bowes Ltd, one of the largest computers and calculating machine manufacturers in England, had started a credit union for its employees.

In March 1971 this was the list of the members of the board of the Credit Union League of Great Britain: –

L E Bascom President Croydon CU, W P Johnston Vice President Bradford CU, Mrs M Vambe Secretary Paragon CU, C Drayton Treasurer North Paddington CU, F N Villiers Managing Director (from Hornsey Cooperative CU). M Celaire Director North East Chapter (Felix CU), H Mullen Director Western CU. H A Conn Director Shrine CU, L S Scaffe Director Luton CU, K Stephenson Director Bristol CU, H J Hadkiss Director Pitney-Bowes Employees CU.

This was, as far as records show, the first employee credit union in the UK.

The credit union was registered in March 1980 under the credit union act of 1979.

Building 5 Trident Place, Mosquito Way Hatfield Hertfordshire AL10 9UL

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