Nottingham Credit Union

Began as Radford Credit Union in 1991 later merging in October 2001 with Fair Goose who had registered in November 1995 as Fair Goose & Radford Credit Union.

In July 2003 it registered as Nottingham Credit Union serving anyone who lives or works in Nottinghamshire plus tenants of several partner housing associations.

As well as its main branch in the centre of Nottingham, the credit union opened a new branch in Mansfield to make it more visible and easier to join and use for people in that area.

The credit union created for the member’s children a Junior Savings Account from birth to age 17 where  they can put away amounts for their children’s future.

The credit union is offering the Engage Prepaid card to members and they can earn up to 15% cashback rewards from selected retailers! The card cost £2 a month.

Nottingham Credit Union now serves more than9,000 members since its beginning in 1991

Over a number of years, the Board at Nottingham had discussed in detail their attitude and approach to possible mergers.  They knew that being local was a key strength, which had to be balanced with the need to be sustainable. The merger gives greater opportunity to help more people across the two counties.  

Covid19 had created additional challenges; so, the merger would mean both organisations together could better cope with those challenges.  

 The transfer of undertakings between Lincolnshire Credit Union and Nottingham Credit Union was completed in 2020. Nottingham Credit Union will now trade as “The Notts & Lincs Credit Union. 

The new Credit Union will operate from offices in Nottingham, Mansfield and Lincoln with staff from both credit unions. 

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