Northumberland Community Bank

Hirst Savings & Credit Union was registered in March 1990 and served the local residents for up to six years when discussions took place to expand and the new name then registered in January 1997 as Ashington Credit Union Limited.

Ten years on expansion had continued through to January 2008 when the registration for “CUSEN” was applied. With the introduction Later of Tynedale Community Bank.

The credit union began to trade as Northumberland Community bank with registration in the August of 2017.

The community bank now is also part of the Lifesavers Project, which helps to promote financial education in schools, and to help children manage money wisely, as well as offering Payroll Deduction schemes to make saving easier for those in employment.

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visit the Northumberland Community Bank website, or get in touch with their team:

Telephone – 01670522779

Email –

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