National Fire Savers Credit Union

National Fire Savers first established in 1998 as a credit union for London Fire Brigade staff (The London Fire Savers Credit Union). Here are some key dates and milestones in their development.

National Fire Savers Credit Union

January1998, Sub Officer John Etheridge forms group to establish a new credit union for London Fire Brigade.

June 1998, London Fire Savers Credit Union registered with Registrar of Friendlily Societies (No. 541C) and starts trading with 500 members.

September 1999, Assets exceed half a million pounds.

May 2000, First full time staff member recruited.

November 2001, FSA take over from Registrar of Friendly Societies as regulatory body. London Fire Savers Credit Union registered as No. 213995.

January 2001, the 1,000th member joins.

February 2009, Offices relocate to new LFB headquarters at Union Street

August 2009, new model rules registered with FSA.

 April 2010, National Fire Savers formed by the extension of common bond to include all fire & rescue authorities with England, Scotland & Wales.

September 2011, Assets exceed three million pounds.

May 2012, Offices relocate to Linton House, 164-180 Union Street and third full time member of staff recruited.

March 2013, Share deposits in NFS exceed four million pounds.

January 2014, offering their staff payroll deductions affiliates North Wales Fire & Rescue to the Credit Union.

 March 2014, Share deposits in NFS exceed five million pounds.

Want to find out more?

Visit the National Fire Savers Credit Union website, or get in touch with their team:

Telephone – 020 7928 7774

Email –

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