Lincolnshire Credit Union

Came into being in November 2004 when the FSA agreed to an expansion of the common bond of the North Kesteven Credit Union Ltd. The variation to the common bond allowed NKCU to operate within the administrative county of Lincolnshire. At that time, the Lincoln Credit Union Ltd was also active, serving members who lived or worked in the city of Lincoln.

Lincolnshire Credit Union

In 2009, the boards of the two organisations met and agreed that the best interests of the whole Lincolnshire community would be best served by merging the operations of both organisations. This would have the benefit of avoiding duplication of resources and provide better opportunities to widen the range of products and services available to members. The FSA agreed to the merger and following the approval of the members the merger took place in November 2009.

The development of the credit union movement in Lincolnshire is supported by a number of partners who share the belief in both co-operative values and the community. The credit union is particularly grateful for the financial and ‘in kind’ support provided by these organisations. After the merger came a period of consolidation that was necessary to fully integrate the operations of the two businesses. At the end of September 2011, membership was approximately 2000 adult savers, nearly 500 borrowers and 350 junior savers. June 2016 registered with FCA as Lincolnshire Community Bank. 

Following a year of careful planning, the transfer of undertakings between Lincolnshire Credit Union and Nottingham Credit Union was completed in 2020. Covid19 delayed the merger and it was some time before full integration could happen. Thanks was expressed to all of the many unsung heroes who have sustained the Credit Union in Lincolnshire for many years.  The board were delighted that the merger completed and that there will be a vibrant credit union in Lincolnshire for many years to come.The merger between both credit unions is an excellent example of two organisations collaborating together to achieve greater sustainability

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