Kent Savers Credit Union

Was registered in July 2009 as Kent and Medway Financial Inclusion Partnership Ltd and set up in 2010 as Kent Savers Credit Union Limited.

The purpose was to provide affordable financial services to people in the county. Anyone living or working in the historical county of Kent.

The area currently administered by Kent County Council, Medway Unitary Authority or the London Borough of Bexley all can join Kent Savers.

December 2013 began trading as Murston Community Bank. Since January 2016, Kent Savers has made 255 loans worth £530,000, and members now have £1.35 million deposited with their credit union.

Membership has grown to over 2,400 members, and holds £1,181,000 in savings accounts and has loaned out £1,809,000 in its five-year history. To update the history, get in touch with the Historical society.

As of June 2020 membership has increased to over 4,600 members, with £1.75 million being held in savings accounts, and a total of 1185 loans has been made to the value of £1.37 million.

Want to find out more?

Visit the Kent Savers Credit Union website, or get in touch with their team:

Telephone – 0333 321 9050

Email –

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