Jubilee Tower Credit Union

Jubilee Tower Credit Union was founded in 1996 by Sudellside Community Association in Darwen as Darwen Tower Credit Union and originally operated from the community centre one evening per week. From such humble beginnings, they have grown organically and securely.

Jubilee Tower Credit Union

In 2004, the credit union expanded to cover the whole Borough; and a little bit more as they also serve part of the southern Ribble Valley. A little later on, in 2007, Blackburn South Credit Union merged with them, so there was a single credit union serving the whole borough.

Jubilee Tower Credit Union now has over 2,000 adult members and 1,800 Young Savers with assets of approximately £1 million. They are still based in Darwen town centre and as a truly accessible community enterprise, they open up services to the whole borough by operating from a number of community locations over the week.

In 2015 and 2016 the Credit Union received a number of awards from Edward Filene Credit Union Awards held in London along with others from around the world of credit unions.

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Telephone – 01254 776611

E_Mail  jubileetowercu@btconnect.com

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