Hillingdon Credit Union

Was known from January 1991 as the London Borough of Hillingdon Employees Credit Union Ltd.

In November 2005 agreement came to extend the common bond to all who lived and worked in the borough including Harrow, Ealing, Brent, Hounslow, Slough and South Bucks.

Membership continues to grow with more employers allowing staff payroll deduction and junior accounts are on the rise as the good news spreads

Harrow Savings and Loans and Brent Mutual are trading names of Hillingdon Credit Union

The Credit Union have completed a merger with  CUBE (Credit Union for Brent and Ealing) during the 2020 Covid 19 pandemic. Having been providing back office services to CUBE for some time this will reduce a number of duplicated costs, greater sustainability and future digital service to all members.

Want to find out more?

Visit the Hillingdon Credit Union website, or get in touch with their team:

Telephone – 01895 250958

Email – info@hillingdoncu.co.uk

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