Harvest Money Credit Union

Began life as Northampton Credit Union in May 1997, offering services to the staff of Northampton Borough Council. It rapidly expanded to take in all people living or working in Northampton, merging with smaller credit unions as it grew.

Harvest Money Credit Union

It was 2003 when the common bond was extended and covered the whole of Northampton allowing the merger of Heath Credit Union. 2010 with the help of funding from the DWP growth fund the credit union increased its membership, employed staff and moved to new premises. By 2012 the credit union expanded to cover the whole of Northamptonshire. In the spring of 2013, three credit unions in the county, namely the Northampton Credit Union, the Golden Sheaf Credit Union in Kettering and the Five Wells Credit Union in Wellingborough, merged to form the Northamptonshire Credit Union. At the same time the common bond was expanded to take in the Cherwell district of Oxfordshire. To help people across the catchment area to access the Credit Union’s services, they ran various collection points in addition to the main access point at the One Stop Shop within Northampton’s Guildhall. The credit union works in conjunction with East Midlands Credit Unions (EMCU) and especially Clockwise Credit Union to offer current accounts and budget accounts to all members. Further expansion of the common bond in 2016 covered parts of Oxfordshire Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire and mergers took place with Weston Favell & District Credit Union, (Northampton) and Blackbird Leys Credit Union (Oxford).

In celebration of the 20th anniversary 2017 and in recognition of the expanded area, the credit union has taken on a new name and logo “HARVEST MONEY”.  with more than 7,000 Members an estimate that in the last five years alone have saved members more than £1.4 million in interest payment. 2017 also the credit union has also issued loans totalling £752,000 during the year and signed up 771 new members.

Now in 2020 transferred to Commsave

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