Calderdale Credit Union

The Credit Union was first registered in April 1993 as Calderdale MBC Employees Credit Union.

An application was made to seek to gain approval from the regulator to alter the common bond to a ‘live or work’ qualification which would enable the Credit Union to offer its services to a wider membership base.  

In July 2003, a number of smaller Credit Unions within the Borough merged to become Calderdale Credit Union. there is a small office in the centre of Todmorden which is open three times a week. Staff moved into the new building in December 2013.

In August 2017, the Credit Union has expanded into Kirklees, merged with St Patricks in Huddersfield opening up a new office. The new office’s central location on Queens Street is designed to restore local access to credit union services. The new branch is the start of establishing a more visible presence for the credit union

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visit the Calderdale Credit Union website, or get in touch with their team:

Telephone – 01422 386060

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