Bristol Credit Union

Started as Money-Go-Round Bristol Inner City Credit Union in 1999 when the credit union was created rebranded in 2005 and 2006 through a partnership of community credit unions in the city.

Malago Valley Credit Union, Money-Go-Round, the Bristol Inner City Credit Union, Bedminster & Knowle Credit Union, Purdown Credit Union,Bristol City Credit Union (Bristol City Council employees), Bath & North East Somerset.

With regeneration funding and support from Bristol City Council, a single City-wide credit union set out to provide services to the people living and working across the whole of Bristol. The membership area was later extended to cover the whole of the former Avon county area

In November 2017, the credit union was awarded the highest possible 5-star rating for their personal loan product from the Fairbanking Foundation.

2019, the credit union celebrated 20 years when they first registered with the Registry of Friendly Societies. From across Bristol and Bath they are supporting nearly 700 cooperatives, businesses, community groups and charities that are members.

Membership is over 13,000 and junior savers with savings over £8 million. It is the largest credit union in the area that introduced the Bristol Pound supporting local businesses and has won the Fair banking award recently. There are a number of Locations for members to access services.

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Visit the Bristol Credit Union Website or get in touch with the team:

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