Bradford District Credit Union

Bradford District Credit Union started in in 1993 as Council Employee Credit Union. Since 2003, it has changed to become open to anyone who lives or works in Bradford District.

Bradford District Credit Union

They now have over 6000 members/savers with new credit union collection points opening up in communities all across Bradford. Partnered with local community organisations, a network of community centres, schools and social landlords to promote financial inclusion with ‘jargon buster’ workshops that explains common but little understood terms like APR, Payday loans and credit score.

The credit union works with the Church of England to run LifeSavers, a children’s saving club teaching children the value of a strong savings habit. The club is funded by the Church of England and the Government. The Credit Union has increased its partnerships with Muslim organisations to become a ‘faith-friendly’ union, which means that Muslim savers with the credit union will not have to take interest on their savings, as they would with other non-Islamic financial organisations.

2020 sees the credit union working with its local Anti-Poverty Events Group to help people financially during the COVID-19 health crisis by sending out 5,000 ‘Let’s Talk Money’ leaflets to vulnerable families with information on how to save money and get financial help during the Covid-19 pandemic. The credit union is also holding ‘Money SOS’ webinars to help community practitioners help their clients with money.”

The credit Unionin 2021 launched a new pilot to help people buy low-cost quality food in their community – and save in the credit union at the same time. The pilot became “FoodSavers” which was funded by Bradford Council to set up 30 outlets over the next two years starting in November 2021 to get more people saving for a financial cushion whilst accessing low-cost food.

2022 Saw the Credit Union surpassed 9,000 members an increase of 6,000 people joining in the last six years. The Credit Union has been recognised for the financial inclusion work they do in the community both nationally and internationally to help people through the pandemic and the current cost-of-living-crisis

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Visit the Bradford District Credit Union website, or get in touch with their team:

Telephone – 01274 434100

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