Blues & Twos Credit Union

From February 1992, Blues & Twos began operating as Lancashire Police and Staff Associations Credit Union.

Blues and Twos Credit Union

Starting out in a police house bathroom on the Lancashire Police Headquarters complex.  It was the brain child of a Lancashire Police Federation representative who wanted something more and better for Police employees. Two months later changing to Federation and Staff Association Credit Union from April the same year.

In July 1998, the name became what is now Blues and Twos serving Lancashire & Cumbria Police, Fire and Ambulance services. eventually spreading membership across Lancashire & Cumbria more than 7300 employed in the emergency services, for local and county councils, in schools, colleges & universities as well as the county and local councils and members of Unison and Unite the Union working in the two counties. The credit union also looks after over 200 juniors’ savers.

Word of mouth has historically been the best form of advertising with members introducing others.  For the past number of years, the total savings had grown at a far greater pace than the loan book. The marketing mix during 2016 was extended to reach those savers who were looking for loans but had never borrowed from the credit union. As a result, the credit union made new loans in early 2017 worth near £300K.

The credit union celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2017 with a growth over the years of 7,300 members who have savings worth £12.4 million and are borrowing £6 million. The anniversary will see the provision of a new exciting interactive website taking the credit union into the future.  At the start of 2018 it was reported the credit union was awarded 5 stars award from the Fairbanking Foundation. This was after reading the feedback from the IPOS MORI survey in which credit union borrowing members were asked about their lending experience and after sales care.

 “Working for you and not for profit”.

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