Black Squirrel Credit Union

The Black Squirrel Credit Union has been operating since 2002 and is run by volunteers, and based in Gernon Walk – is marking 15 years of operation in North Herts and surrounding areas of mid Bedfordshire. The Mission of the Credit Union is to promote the financial wellbeing of its members.

The new website upgraded in 2016 has been designed to provide the best possible experience regardless of the device used to access it. The Homelessness Prevention Scheme they have with NHDC has continued to help many people to secure their own homes. The strong financial position has enabled the board to recommend to the AGM a dividend on shares held in the past few years at 1% (1.25% for Juvenile Savers).

The Credit Union celebrated its 20th anniversary serving communities in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire in 2022. Now with over 1,000 members with a total of over £800,000 in savings and over £800,000 in loans, with future plans in place to improve the services to members through technology over the coming years.

Want to find out more?

Visit the website or get in touch with the team:

Telephone – 01462 613060

Email –

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