Police Credit Union

Was registered in 1986 first as West Midlands Police Credit Union when in August 1997 became Mid-West Police Credit Union Limited.

It was April 2003 with further expansion when they became known as Police Credit Union operating from 7 branches across England.

The credit union with others in 2015 took an active part in the “Serve and Protect” in establishing services for the armed forces.

There are over 25,000 members with assets worth over £60 million. the credit union serves serving and retired police officer, prison officers and probation officers, and is one of the credit unions selected to offer services to  members of the Armed Forces and their Families.

Since 2015,they have grown to become the largest military credit union in the UK, supporting members of the Armed Forces Community. Having signed the Armed Forces Covenant in 2016, the credit union have continued to evolve and build on their support to the Defence personnel.

Police Credit Union was extremely pleased to receive the maximum mark awarded for its loan products. Achieving a 5-star rating from the Fairbanking Foundation showing the dedication to providing financial well-being solutions to members.

Having played an important role in supporting the nation throughout the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, the free employee benefit has now been extended to include those working within the Fire and Health Service.

Looking to the future in 2020 with a membership of over 32,000, Serve and Protect CU is hoping to expand its digital and range of services to members even further.

The credit union has received the prestigious Gold Award Employee Recognition Scheme (ERS) and in doing so becomes the first credit union to achieve this feat.

This is the highest achievement available to employers that show support for the wider principles of the Armed Forces Covenant and Defence personnel – including service personnel, reservists, veterans, and their families.

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Want to find out more?

Visit the Police Credit Union website, or get in touch with their team:

Telephone – 0121 700 1222

Email – enquiries@policecu.co.uk

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